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Research Concept

 The research we undertake at the Department for Sustainability Management can broadly be clustered into five research fields. From an institutional perspective, sustainability management can be linked with public and nonprofit management, thereby creating two research fields, i.e. Sustainable Regulation and Sustainable Collaboration.

Sustainable Regulation describes the regulation between companies and public institutions. The main topics are new regulatory forms, lobbyism, corporate political action and sustainable city development.

The research field of Sustainable Collaboration investigates the diverse forms of co-operation of business and nonprofit organizations in the context of corporate community involvement such as forms, determinants, and outcomes of corporate volunteering.

From a functional perspective, sustainability management may be divided into three fields of research: Strategy, Value Creation and Accountability. It describes the relation between sustainable strategies, the sustainable global value added and the accountability of firms towards the stakeholder with instruments like sustainable reporting, stakeholder management and social impact measuring.