Dr. (rer. pol.) Benedikt Brand


Kurt-Schumacher-Str. 74a
Gebäude 83 , Raum 142
67663 Kaiserslautern

Tel.: +49 631 205 5531
E-Mail: benedikt.brand@wiwi.uni-kl.de


11:00  - 12:00 Uhr  (Friday)

Research Focus

  • Research (and project management) in the third-party funded project "All-Polymer" (fiber reinforcement to increase the resource efficiency of high-quality, fully recyclable plastic products).
    You can find more information about the project here.

Social Media:

  • since 04/2022 Scientific Employee (Post-Doc) at Chair for Sustainability Management
  • 12/2021 Doctoral degree (Dr. rer. pol.) on the subject "Extrinsic Information Cues for Mitigating Information Asymmetry in e-Commerce: A German-Chinese Perspective" (grade: summa cum laude)
  • 09/2021-11/2021 Visiting Scholar at the Ryerson University/Ted Rogers School of Management in Toronto (Canada) as part of the Mitacs Globalink Research Awards
  • 07/2019-06/2020 Board member and doctoral student representative of the University of Bayreuth Graduate School
  • 11/2018 Master degree (M. Sc.) Sports Economics at the University of Bayreuth
  • 08/2018-03/2022 Research Assistant at the Lehrstuhl für Marketing & Innovation (BWL XIV, Prof. Dr. Baier) at the University of Bayreuth
  • 08/2017-12/2017 MBA Exchange Program at the Indiana University (Public Ivy League)/Kelley School of Business  in Bloomington (USA)
  • 06/2016-07/2017 Student Assistant at the BayCHINA (Bayerisches Hochschulzentrum für China), including internship abroad in Qingdao as supervisor of the Bavarian Summer University for Intercultural Chinese Studies
  • 09/2014-01/2015 Semester abroad at the Shanghai University of Sports/上海体育学院 (China), including PROMOS scholarship
  • 07/2016 Bachelor degree (B. Sc.) Sports Economics at the University of Bayreuth

Brand, B. M. & Kopplin, C. S. (2020, August). Examining Best-Worst Scaling's validity and reliability: Worth a try?. 2nd Meeting of AG MARKETING GfKl. Online-Konferenz.


Brand, B. M. & Baier, D. (2019, July). Comparative Analysis of E-commerce Configuration Between China and Germany. 26th International Conference on Recent Advances in Retailing and Consumer Services (RARCS2019/EIRASS2019), Tallinn (Estonia).

Brand, B. M. & Baier, D. (2019, March). Adaptive CBC: Are the Benefits Justifying its Additional Efforts Compared to Traditional CBC?. 5th European Conference on Data Analysis (ECDA2019), Bayreuth (Germany).

Contributions to monographie volume:


Brand, B. M. & Baier, D. (2021). Adaptive Choice-Based Conjointanalyse. In D. Baier & M. Brusch (Hrsg.), Conjointanalyse: Methoden - Anwendungen - Praxisbeispiele (2. Aufl., S. 205–231). Springer Gabler. https://doi.org/10.1007/978-3-662-63364-9_9



Brand, B. M. (2022). Extrinsic Information Cues for Mitigating Information Asymmetry in e-Commerce: A German-Chinese Perspective [Dissertation, University of Bayreuth]. EPub. https://eref.uni-bayreuth.de/68439/ 


Papers in peer-reviewd journals:

Brand, B. M., Kopplin, C. S. & Rausch, T. M. (2022). Cultural differences in processing online customer reviews: holistic versus analytic thinkers. Electronic Markets. https://doi.org/10.1007/s12525-022-00543-1

Brand, B. M. & Rausch, T. M. (2022). Gotta buy 'em all Online shopping cart abandonment among new and existing customers. International Journal of Electronic Business, 17(2), Artikel 10044963, 109. https://doi.org/10.1504/IJEB.2022.10044963

Brand, B. M. & Reith, R. (2022). Cultural differences in the perception of credible online reviews – The influence of presentation format. Decision Support Systems, 154, 113710. https://doi.org/10.1016/j.dss.2021.113710

Shaw, N., Eschenbrenner, B. & Brand, B. M. (2022). Towards a Mobile App Diffusion of Innovations model: A multinational study of mobile wallet adoption. Journal of Retailing and Consumer Services, 64, 102768. https://doi.org/10.1016/j.jretconser.2021.102768

Brand, B. M. & Rausch, T. M. (2021). Examining sustainability surcharges for outdoor apparel using Adaptive Choice-Based Conjoint analysis. Journal of Cleaner Production, 289, 125654. https://doi.org/10.1016/j.jclepro.2020.125654

Kopplin, C. S., Brand, B. M. & Reichenberger, Y. (2021). Consumer acceptance of shared e-scooters for urban and short-distance mobility. Transportation Research Part D: Transport and Environment, 91, 102680. https://doi.org/10.1016/j.trd.2020.102680

Stöcker, B., Baier, D. & Brand, B. M. (2021). New insights in online fashion retail returns from a customers’ perspective and their dynamics. Journal of Business Economics, 91(8), 1149–1187. https://doi.org/10.1007/s11573-021-01032-1

Brand, B. M. & Baier, D. (2020). Adaptive CBC: Are the Benefits Justifying its Additional Efforts Compared to CBC? Archives of Data Science Series A, 6(1), 1-22. https://doi.org/10.5445/KSP/1000098011/06

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