Research Project


Lecturers in SS 2020: Friedrich, Stumpf

Credit Points: 9 CP

Frequency of the offer: Once a year, summer semester

Requierements: According to examination regulations

Introducery Session: 21.04.20, 16:00Uhr
Regular Lecture on Monday, 08:15 - 11:30am

Place: 83-104

The research project is a form of teaching that accompanies the course of study and enables students to work independently and in a coordinated manner on related topics or problems.

In a research project, students should learn to independently apply and deepen the acquired economic and/or engineering knowledge, abilities and skills in a practical and/or research-related manner.

An essential characteristic of project work is the preferably continuous processing of a project including conception, design, realization, documentation, project management, interface definition and work organization as well as communication within the project group and with third parties.

The content-related orientation as well as registration and submission deadlines are determined within the scope of the supervision.

Proposals for topics can already be submitted in the context of the application. However, these should be based on the research focus of the chair or the staff.

 The application period runs from 01.02.2020 up to  15.03.2020 (KIS and e-mail).

In order to participate in the research project it is first necessary to register with the KIS. In addition, please send a written application with a short letter of motivation (1/2 page), an overview of your grades, your matriculation number and your course of studies to Cynthia Friedrich ( by 15.03.2020.

The admission to the research project will be announced by 31.03.2020.

Service Learning

In addition to the "conventional" research project, we also offer service learning if interested.

Service Learning is tranlated into German as "Lernen durch Engagement" - "learning through responsibility". Besides learning and commitment, the third central component is systematic reflection, which links the theoretical content of learning with practical experience, i.e. service.
The participants in Service Learning work in groups on real problems of nonprofit organizations in the region.

Students are given the opportunity to apply the theoretical content learned in the Nonprofit Management for Global Development Goals module in the context of a real problem. The project work takes place partly on site at the community partners and is accompanied by regular reflection sessions in which the bridge between theory and practice is built and students learn to critically reflect on their learning.

The practice partners are selected and acquired by the students on their own.

If you are interested in a service learning research project, you must first acquire a potential practice partner and work with him/her to develop a proposed topic to be addressed in the research project.

Afterwards, please contact our chair with the contact data of the respective practice partner and your developed topic proposal.

The chair will then check the topic proposal for suitability for a research project and, if the decision is positive, will contact the practice partner to conclude a cooperation agreement.

The further procedure is then determined individually.

For further questions please contact Cynthia Friedrich. 

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