Summer semester 2015

In the summer semester of 2015, the Chair of Sustainability Management conducted a service learning project with its project partner Whisper Foundation gGmbH. The Whisper Foundation was founded in May 2013 as a non-profit limited liability company (gGmbH) with the aim of intergenerational learning. For this purpose, the Whisper Foundation creates spaces and occasions for generations to learn together, from each other and about each other. This takes place in the ideal area in a friendly, social and informal exchange with network character. In the economic purpose enterprise liable to pay the costs services are offered, for example Workshops, seminars, consultation and Coaching. The target groups are the whisperers (age 65+) and the pioneers (younger than 65).

The Service Learning Group developed a cooperation concept for the Whisper Foundation gGmbH, in which it highlighted in detail which organisations, institutions and companies could be potential cooperation partners. For this purpose, the students dealt with the question of how the Whisper Foundation can present itself as a professional non-profit organisation, so that a sustainable cooperation concept is created that enables a long-term and sustainable relationship and cooperation between the Whisper Foundation and its beneficiaries, donors and customers.

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