Summer semester 2014

In the summer semester 2014, the Chair of Sustainability Management conducted two service learning projects with the project partners Krebsgesellschaft RLP e.V. and Villa Denis gGmbH.

In the service learning project with Krebsgesellschaft RLP e.V., the service learning group developed a modern member and payment flow management system for the Information and Consulting Centre (IBZ) in Kaiserslautern. The group dealt with the questions of how the IBZ has to position itself so that a sustainable member and payment flow management can develop for the future and whether the acquisition of members is a sensible measure to secure payment flows or whether other fundraising possibilities should be applied.

The second service learning group developed a cooperation concept for the implementation of ecological sustainability in the operation of the Villa Denis guesthouse and the surrounding facilities for Villa Denis gGmbH. The implementation of sustainable operation should take place with a view to achieving a unique selling point for Villa Denis gGmbH. Cooperation concepts were developed and possible cooperation partners in Kaiserslautern and the surrounding area were identified. In addition, the logo was further developed and a guiding concept was developed on the basis of this.

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