Become a Community Partner in Service Learning

You are a Nonprofit Organization or a Public Institution and have a management problem that you cannot solve on your own? Then become a Service-Learning Partner.

In Service Learning (also "learning through engagement") our students solve problems of local Nonprofit Organizations. As a chair, we provide the framework through our parallel courses and the project structure. You can find more about the process here.

The research project with our community partner DRK Kreisverband Kaiserslautern-Stadt e.V. from the summer semester 2019 serves as an example for a Service Learning project.

For further questions please contact Cynthia Friedrich.

What is Service Learning?


The concept of Service Learning originated in the USA and is anchored in the traditional educational mission of US schools, colleges and universities to educate pupils and students to become responsible citizens as part of a so-called "Civic Education". Gradually, Service Learning is being implemented in  both german schools and universities.

Service learning translates into German as "learning through engagement" or "learning through responsibility." In addition to learning and engagement, the third central component is systematic reflection, which links the theoretical content of learning with the practical experience, the service.


The students are taught theoretical knowledge by the university, with which they should be able to work on the concrete problems that exist in practice with the community partners. This is done in close connection with the curriculum and over a certain period of time, for example one semester.

See Spraul, K. (2009): Service Learning im Rahmen der Speziellen Betriebswirtschaftslehre ''Public & Nonprofit Management'' - Eine Fallstudie, in: ZögU - Zeitschrift für öffentliche und gemeinwirtschaftliche Unternehmen, 32. Jg., H. 2, P. 171-182

Our Community Partner

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